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Embrace your inner self with TAROT.

What are sessions like?

I say a little prayer, shuffle the cards, and tell you what I see. My approach is conversational, so get ready to laugh and have a good time.


Do I need to prepare before the reading?

You can prepare a question, or we can just see what the cards want to tell you. All you need is yourself.


Are there any "bad" readings? Does Tarot go against my beliefs?

Tarot can be a useful addition to any practice (spiritual or otherwise). The cards are designed to help you see things more clearly, which may or may not involve religion. Even a card that denotes "Death", for example, is really about rebirth and new beginnings.


I never claim to remove curses/hexes/bad juju of any kind -- just think of this as a chat with a friend.


My Background:

  • Professional Artist and Tarot Reader.

  • Very spiritual / open to all positive energies.

  • Well versed in Astrology.

  • Empath (I can sense the emotions of others and lead with my intuition).


Services offered:

  • Tarot Readings

  • Astrology Lessons

  • Meditation Advice

  • Book Recommendations

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  • Malcolm McMichael on Instagram
  • Shared Experience on Youtube
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