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God woke me up for another sunrise. I'm 28, healthy, present, grateful, excited, curious, a Capricorn Sun / Pisces Moon / Life Path 9, black, gay, artist, lover, child, teacher, person of multitudes. I'm peacefully writing these words in bed, a restful meditation. Music is my writing partner as always.

I couldn't have imagined this moment, but I'm truly in love. A quiet contentment has been washing over me in my almost 2 months of sobriety by choice: the clarity is intoxicating. It's made me so much happier, a better listener, miles more patient, lighthearted, even tempered, loving. I feel like my teenage self coupled with an extra 10 years life experience, like I'm playing New Game+ mode with all the extra power-ups. Life is so good.

I face many unknowns, but they do not own me. I am a spiritual being having a human experience, and the immeasurable joy I feel is far greater than any fear or ounce of doubt. Peace and joy have become the primary motivators in my life, second only to trusting my intuition. My inner voice (God speaking quietly and clearly) guides me, and it makes my heart flutter just to think about it. We know everything we need to know with this power, and we can always pray for help with the unknowns. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find. I finally understand this to be as true as the air we breathe.

Trusting God is like trusting gravity.

I'm trying so many new things and revisiting pleasures from my past. I watch so much comedy, listen to a steady diet of music (excluding violent / negative / depressing lyrics as they lower my vibration), dancing around the house for the hell of it without a camera in sight, eating healthy meals, meditating every day, manifesting a magical, brighter future for myself and everyone in this world, praying for people other than myself to have happiness and peace. Lord knows - I'm changing.

The Revolution will not be televised,

because I honestly feel it starts with self. I'm on a mission to share love with everyone and help them let their inner light shine. I'm realizing how powerful I am.. my words and thoughts. I can deem you unworthy of my time, or I can see your pain and pray for your deliverance. I can dismiss, or I can lovingly educate. I can be offended, or I can remind myself that whatever offense is usually not about me and probably not intended. We can all get there together, but only if we remember we all play for the same team spiritually.

I love starting my birthday this way- writing thoughts at 7:55am, music singing sweetly out my iPhone speakers, and each of my cats to my left and right. I'm so thankful to see the sun rising out my window, golden and warm and greeting the world. I learned something over the course of this year that really stuck with me: no matter the weather, the sun is always shining. During every storm or cloudy day, it's still shining as radiantly and beautifully as ever. And with each night we can sleep knowing the sun will rise again in the morning.

I'm just thankful to see the sun rise again on December 30, 2020. Thank you God, the universe, my creator, Buddha, the Stars, Jupiter and Mars, 'cause I didn't have to be here. Wishing you all love and light as we embark on a new year.

Thanks for reading.



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